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Apple Trees Cellaret
[Apple Trees Cellaret]
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[Apple Trees Cellaret]

This curly maple and walnut cellaret was originally accepted for the 2012 Furniture Society invitational show in Portland, Maine. Unfortunately, it was not finished in time, but that allowed certain elements of the carving to evolve into their present configuration. The two side doors have marquetry panels representing apple trees in spring and fall, designed by Anne Long. I carved the apple tree in summer on the center panel of apple wood and walnut burl, and applied it to the solid maple case.

The cellaret has a lift top center cavity to hold wine and/or liquor bottles and mixers. It is attached with safety-lock hinges to the main case. The side compartments have movable shelves to house stemware, tumblers and other mixers or glasses. Three drawers are provided for wine and beer openers, stirrers, napkins and other necessities.