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Art Nouveau Calla Lily Cabinet
[Calla Lily cabinet]

[Calla Lily cabinet]

This Art Nouveau style cabinet is a lady's vanity with mirror. It was designed to accommodate wash basins glazed with calla lilies, and reflects the forms of that elegant flower. The cabinet was constructed of mahoghany, with abstract flower forms, carved and applied with additional pierced work to provide for ventilation, and was finished with a marble top per customer request. It was permanently installed in a narrow alcove as part of a bedroom suite. The matching mirror has hand-carved framing.

This cabinet was designed in response to a client's prior purchase of elements with a calla lily motif. As our ongoing resource is the naturalistic elements and sinuous lines of the Art Nouveau period, we readily incorporated the beautiful Calla lily into our design motifs. In this case, the stems of the Calla lily became the handles of the drawers, in a long sweeping line that crosses several doors and drawers and makes them as one.

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