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[Great Room]

The Art Nouveau Display Case is one of two designed to mirror each other, as part of a complete and original 'Great Room' in the art nouveau style. The cases house a collection of art glass and pottery, in a room filled with natural light. The 14-foot ceilings allow for a dynamic sweep of line that lends itself to the overall design statement, continued through the other furnishings and the Art Nouveau Doors, windows and bar.

The design for the doors evolved from the client's interest in the work of the Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta. The project resulted in two pairs of doors installed in opposing entrances.

The Art Nouveau doors are built of mahogany wood, with egrets sandblasted into stationary glass sidelights that expand the views to the Gulf of Mexico. The carved fanlight above the doors is designed to suggest the omnipresent solar energy of the immediate environment, while carrying on the 18th century tradition of the clamshell motif. All the tempered glass used in the doors is hurricane-proof, and held in place with multiple hand-carved stops, which artfully hold the glass in place and allow for replacement as needed.